GBT technology: Profound knowledge for safe process operation

Products and processes from GBT provide an effective plant protection, everywhere where chemical, physical reaction processes and corrosive damage occurs due to aggressive media. Giving high reliability and availability at the same time fulfilling statutory requirements for safety and environmental protection, for example in:

  • Power plants
  • Waste incineration plants
  • The automotive industry
  • Chemistry

A comprehensive understanding and mastering of these individual processes forms the basis for GBT's competence in heavy-duty corrosion protection, which is recognised throughout the world.

GBT coating systems, linings and rubber linings

Our technologies and lining systems are recognised internationally in many ways as a reference for resilience, resistance and excellent processing properties.

Duroplast coatings

  • Flake coatings
  • Laminate coatings
  • Filler coatings
  • Double wall coatings


Rubber linings

  • Soft rubber linings
  • Hard rubber linings
    • Bornumharz (to be entered underneath hard rubber)


Acid protection linings




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