BÜCOCONTROL® and BÜCOTHERM® double wall coatings

Double-walled GBT coating systems, BÜCOCONTROL® and BÜCOTHERM®, were primarily developed in order to comply with the requirements of the German water resources management act (WHG) for sustained leakage monitoring. Above all they are used in:

  • Tanks,
  • collection basins and
  • pump sumps.

Their double walls, which are achieved using a 3D interspersed fabric, give them excellent insulation properties, diffusion resistance and operational reliability. Simultaneously they guarantee optimal protection for:

  • Filters and scrubbers
  • In flue-gas cleaning facilities.

Product properties and performance characteristics

  • High resistance against aggressive media
  • Are thermally insulating
  • Simple to test while in operation, during use and after application
  • Leakage monitoring using excess or negative pressure
  • Easy to install, even in poorly accessible areas
  • Suitable for new plants and upgrading
  • Long service life due to high channelling of diffused media
  • Can be repaired without limitation
  • 3D e-glass interspersed fabric
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